Scofield – The Legend of Scofield

From what started as a hobby and bonding mechanism to escape the ills of Chicago’s harsh westside has over time become a testament to what culture and a college education can provide an aspiring wordsmith; meet Scofield. The album titled ‘the legend of Scofield’ is a testament to faith, toughness and perseverance. Adversity builds character. With his new release Chicago artist Scofield takes you on a personal journey. He skillfully describes situations by which his legendary character is being shaped. Known as a lyrical beast, as a member of Chicago hip-hop collective, ‘Deepsicks’. Scofield steps up and aims to give hip-hop fans a closer look at what he is made of. Family matters, morals, values, drugs and violence are all environmental factors in the equation from Scofield’s standpoint. What makes this album impressive though, is his unique use of music and lyrics to connect and pull you in. Raised on the west side of the city, he serves as narrator to his own Chicago story. Back by a bevy of talented independent music producers and artists featured, Scofield invites his audience with picturesque statements over a well orchestrated line up of tracks. With titles like ‘Soul Searching’ ‘ Money Fly’ and ‘Shadows of Love’ Scofield shows that hip-hop is more than just “spitting” rhymes. Instead he uses the music as self motivation to strive. Finding success against the odds is not easy. Many have fallen to the perils of Chicago’s dark side. Scofield uses his message to shed light on overcoming obstacles and celebrating victories. Everybody loves a winner. Catch a vibe wit the ‘Legend of Scofield’ available everywhere online.

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